How to Love

How to Love

Isaac Mageo

2nd Prd.


“How to Love”

Love is the most confusing thing in the world. One may think that love can be an easy thing to achieve, but actually it is really like a puzzle with a million pieces. Although love is confusing, Respect, Loyalty, and Attentiveness is sure to bring love into one’s life.

Respect is the key that opens doors for more love. Most women crave respect like a delectable dish; however, in our world most men do not have it, so for those men who do have it, they are sure to achieve love a bit easier. A girl does not appreciate being called “hot” or “sexy” instead one should refer to the terms “beautiful” and “gorgeous”. The feelings and opinions matter to a relationship like hands matter to one’s body. Instead of being belligerent, one should try to respect the girl’s feelings and opinions. Anniversaries, Birthdays, and many other important dates should always be remembered. An average female remembers the exact time and date the relationship started, it may seem bogus but one should do the same if enhancing the relationship is expected. God created all men and women equal; therefore, one should treat the girl as one would treat a queen.

Attention is probably the best way to achieve a candid relationship. In a relationship one must always pay close attention to the girl. When a girl changes her hairstyle comment on how it accentuates her beauty. Even if no changes have been made remain nonchalant and make up a lie like “have you lost weight?” When in a relationship one must put the girl on an imaginary throne and...

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