How You Fell in Love with a Certain Type of Music

How You Fell in Love with a Certain Type of Music

Did I ever tell you about the time of how I fell in love with Hip-Hop music? Well, it all started when I was driving out of town with my mom and sister one Saturday morning. I was planning to get up early in the morning to put together all of my favorite 90’s R&B CD’s.

I accidentally slept in and it was already time to go, I didn’t have time to get them! No, My Earth, Wind, and Fire! I was sure it was going to be a boring drive. Luckily, my sister Dominique had her case of Hip-Hop CD’s, so it wouldn’t be all that terrible. Although I wasn’t very enthusiastic about listening to them, I really wanted to hear my R&B.

That all changed on that day. She popped in a 2poc CD and played the song “Dear Moma”. I was instantly hooked! It was like a smooth burning sensation. I irresistibly bobbed my head to the rhythm. I listened to a wide variety of different Hip-Hop artist for the whole 6 hour drive.

Some of them included artist like Lil Wayne, 50 cent, T Pain, and T.I., and many many more. When we reached out Pennsylvania destination, I rushed to the nearest Music store and bought stacks of Hip-Hop CD’s. When I get my I-pod for Christmas I’ll make sure its jammed packed with Hip-Hop songs. I run my Lime-Wire over night downloading tons of new Hip-Hop music.

That’s how I fell in love with Hip-Hop. My old R&B CD’s are in an old stale cracker smelling shoe box at the back of my closet., replaced with my hundreds of Hip-Hop CD’s. If you don’t love Hip-Hop music you should stop and take a second thought.

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