Hrm/240 Affirmative Action

Hrm/240 Affirmative Action

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Needed sources...Grade C+, also...(instructor) "could have a little stronger presentation of the opposition's argument and then refuted as proactive areas of caution for the company (you recognize the challenges, but how can a company overcome this?)

*The first source could be the text book in your course materials!

This paper is a strong B if I had included the above.

Running Head: Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Implementation of Affirmative Action

It should be in our interest to implement on affirmative action plan. This plan should surpass the equal employment opportunity act, and laws that protect minorities and women in specific positions. Every business makes mistakes and has flaws, affirmative action is designed to look at these past mistakes that range from management and discrimination. Affirmative action is a plan that says we want to make our company better, not only to abide the laws and satisfy policy but to go above and beyond establishment.
Many companies that have established government contracts greater than 50,000 must establish an affirmative action program. The rules that employers must submit to may be to provide demographics, establish timetables and goals, develop actions and plans to reduce underutilization, and must monitor the progress of the entire affirmative action program. Additionally affirmative action programs may be court ordered when an employer has had previous guilty of discrimination.
Our Effective Affirmative Action Program
Our first step to on effective affirmative action program is to develop a written employment opportunity policy that may be seen by all members and nonmembers of our company. Our next step is to hire a director of this program which will oversee and direct all aspects of the affirmative action program. We must also market and advertise our policy, which will serve as a flag saying we care and value the needs...

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