HRM week 5 Memo assignment

HRM week 5 Memo assignment

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Learning Team B
February 17, 2014
Instructor Cathy McCullough

TO: All Managers’ Division
FROM: Human Resource Department
DATE: February 17, 2014
SUBJECT: Company's New Productivity and Sustainability Recommendations
Our company has a reputable market place. In order to make it more productive, it is necessary to enhance the level of productivity through acts of sustainability. Human Resources find that our "A-rated employees" are leaving the business, without using our compensation package. Our CEO wants an environment based on cooperation, high performance, sustainability, and employee retention. Our research has analyzed some concerns related to employee relationship.

It is examined that our employees are not encouraged by their leaders. Management does not motivate employees to strive for more. Departments do not let employees participate; their opinions and suggestions are highly rejected. In addition, we need to provide challenging tasks to maintain the employee’s interests. One must appreciate employees on every good effort; intrinsic and extrinsic rewards matter. A single word of appreciation enhances the spirit of workers that can result in improved performance. Senior managers and people at the executive level should maintain coordination with middle and lower staff. Neglecting worthy employees from useful projects discourages them and their intentions to work.

Employees within an organization are a key value to business success. When employees are satisfied they are productive. When employees are productive they must also be satisfied with the work accomplished. Some of the recommendations are to do a job analysis to find out skills needed for specific positions. It is necessary to match the employee’s skills with the employer’s position. Another way to boost productivity is to have an incentive program for employees that go the extra mile. Employees are more productive and motivated when...

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