Human Relations

Human Relations

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1- What can Monique do to become more engaged in her work?
To become more engaged in work, Monique needs to do a self-assessment. She needs to set her goals and expectations from the firm. That will help her find the motivation she needs to get more engaged.

2- What can Monique do to overcome the reputation of being a Zombie on her job?
There are several options or steps Monique can use to overcome the reputation of being a Zombie on her job. First she has to make a conscious decision to become more involved in her work. That will require her to put more effort and energy at work. The desire will give her the energy boost she needs. Then she has complete all her work or assignments with enthusiasm, going above and beyond what's expected of her and being dependable. If her workplace offers courses on problem-solving or conflict resolution, she should ask to take part, offer constructive suggestions, tell her supervisor about ideas she has to make her job more efficient. In addition to that she could also offer to take on additional training if it can help her do better at her job. She can also volunteer for leadership positions if the opportunity presents itself. Last but not least share the company's vision and values in your conversations with co-workers and customers. Being an advocate for the business is a way to feel good about the job you do and the positive results that come from your engagement in your work

3- In what way might Monique's parents have contributed to her lack of commitment to paralegal work?
Monique's parents might have contributed to her lack of commitment to paralegal work by pre-painting her future job. They kept telling her, especially her mother that being in a paralegal would give her status and make other people think that she is somebody important. Once employed as a paralegal she realized that the job of paralegal is nothing like she thought it would be or what her parents make her believe as her work...

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