Human Resource Function

Human Resource Function

1. Question 1
Discuss how Edcon has managed to align their HR function to a strategic level.

1.1 Introduction
Edcon has managed to align their HR function to a strategic level through numerous strategies that focuses on The Business; Human Resource Priorities; Salaries, Benefits and Work Environment; Black Economic Empowerment; Corporate Social Investment; International Stance, The Future; The People; Company Culture and Style. In order to be successful, the group has explored its physical, organizational, information and human resources to afford it a competitive advantage.

1.2 Definition of Human Resources Function
According to Nel et al. (2004:9), the human resources function refers to a number of ancillary functions carried out in order to achieve the goals of an organization. It’s a staff function aimed at providing the organization with labour, and giving it specialized human resources services to help it achieve its goals.

1.3 Definition of Strategy
Anthony et al. in 1999(cited in Nel et al., 2004:524) defines strategy as ‘the formulation of organization missions, goals and objectives, as well as action plans for achievement that explicitly recognize the competition and the impact of outside environmental forces’.

1.4 Linkage between Human Resources Function and Strategic Level
As companies begin to compete in the challenging business environment, an ever-increasing reason for success lies in the function of effective human resources management. Controlling these resources (physical, organizational, information and human) strategically gives the company a competitive advantage (Sherif, 2008:1)

1.5 How Edcon has managed to align their HR function to a Strategic level

1.51 The Business
Edcon has structured retail business into two divisions; the Department Stores Division, which serves the middle and upper...

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