Human Resources the Core Competence

Human Resources the Core Competence

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I. Introduction:

II. Literature:
a) Hypothesis:
• Achieving powerful core competence in organization
b) Research questions:
1- An organization core competence versus companies' normal competition.
2- The core competence a combination of business specialism and human skills.
3- The challenges of individual competencies in competence based organization.

III. Conclusion:
a) Discussion
b) Recommendation


The aim of the research is to examine the difference between the organization core competence and companies' normal competition, in addition to the impact and influence of the human skills on the organization core competence. Moreover the problem facing individuals is discussed; the challenges of individuals in the competence based management. A quantitative research design was conducted using surveys to assess the research gap and to find solutions. The research gap was the lack of information about the effect of human resources management in achieving core competence. Most of the articles discuss the same points without giving details on how to make the human resources powerful tool in the company's core competence. Eventually it is be clear that the core competence is extremely important for the companies to remain successful with the role of their individuals.

The organization core competence versus companies' normal competition

The competition between companies is a result of profit gain, company's image, appears performance wise, or even just to be better than others. Companies can compete in quality, in market share, in price, compete to get rewards; the point is that more than one organization is at the same level and share same characteristics. In the short run these factors may be similar among competitors. This similarity in quality of services, and all competition aspects does not represent a huge problem in the competitive advantage. The competition on the long run would possibly be the differentiation...

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