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Family of Woodstock, Inc. Paper
Address the following in your paper.
•Identify the factors which led the founders to create Family of Woodstock. (NOTE: Do not just chronical the events or history of the organizathaveion.)
•Explain how the values, attitudes, and beliefs of this organization developed and changed over a 40-year period, and how these changes have affected the way they deliver services.
•Explain how Family of Woodstock began as generalized services delivery. Describe how Family of Woodstock shifted to specialized services delivery to meet the needs of the community.
•Explain how specialization has become a trend across human services delivery over all.

Use section headings to identify each topic.

The family Woodstock began in a city that is located 115 miles away in a city called New York City. It began in 1969.
Family of Woodstock, Inc. began as an advocacy group that believes everyone is entitled to their inalienable right to food, clothing, and shelter. The belief of the helper and help having a common ground creates a sense of a world united. The Family of Woodstock organization presented a non-judgmental state of mind as it connected and additionally opened its arms to those in need. This is expressed in their statement of purpose, "We keep up a state of mind which is non-judgmental and non-order, so that all people are urged to determine issues in a manner that distinctions their own different social and individual decisions" (Woodstock). This disposition makes them resolved to give help of others while consolidating assets in a various way to enhance the personal satisfaction for those in need at no charge.
The Family of Woodstock Organization is an aftereffect of the Community of Woodstock's perspective of its homeless and medication issue as not an issue of theirs. This was because of the radical youth of the time moving to the area, searching out the...

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