Humans and Animals

Humans and Animals

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“Animals and Humans”

A question that many have tried to find and answer to is are animals more like us then we are lead to believe? Jeremy Firkin, am man of a high prestige record of being the president of the foundation of economics trends and a American economist, writer, and public speaker has established and argument on the subject. In his argument he tries to persuade us to view animals with more empathy. Being a man with such standards, truly he should know what he implies to us the readers.

In his argument he supplies the reader with facts on studies on the subject.
One fact is how animals feel pain, excitement, and even love. Scientist have conducted studies on farm pigs and their reactions. Ion such studies they have found that the health of a neglected pig deteriorates. Firkin states that each pig should at least have 20 seconds of human contact and should be supplied with toys. I disagree with this statement because a has majority of children in the world don’t have such things. Why should we extend more empathy to an animal than that of a human child? Animals are here to be us when we are alone. We shall never hurt the animals because they are here to make nature a beautiful thing. Animals are like humans they eat, sleep, love, and they even cry. How can mankind even hurt such things? There shall be no human to ever hurt them. We must all love animals.

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