Ielts Task 2 Essay Sample. Traditional Versus Alternative Medicine

Ielts Task 2 Essay Sample. Traditional Versus Alternative Medicine

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At present, many are shifting from seeking traditional forms of medicine to more alterative options. Some claim that this tendency is putting people’s health at risk or, at the very least, making room for a great deal of useless treatments. In my view, there is great value in such alternatives where mainstream medicine has not succeeded, provided that patients retain some commonsense.

Alternative medicine has been around for millennia. Acupuncture, Yoga, and Chinese Herbology are just a few of its best known, and most sought-after forms. Perhaps due a certain loss of faith in –what we like to call- Western medicine, many are now resorting to more holistic approaches to human healthcare. A growing industry has resulted from this; though not all of the alternatives it offers are as respectable and trustworthy as the options aforementioned.

Consequently, some fear that these therapies are ineffective and even detrimental thus failing to understand that holistic medicine requires for significant life-style changes to go along with any particular treatment. In fact, and increasing number of mainstream physicians are now looking at multi-modal approaches when treating certain ailments -cancer, AIDS, and infertility, for instance.

Ultimately, all forms of medicine are somewhat dangerous. Traditional doctors do, for instance, make errors when diagnosing an illness or assessing the right type of treatment. Commonly, their mistakes stem from not being able to comprehend all aspects of a person’s situation. In the end, it is up to the patients to be informed, make decisions about their treatment, and seek second opinions. This should apply to all forms of medicine, be it alternative or mainstream.

On the whole, alternative medicine is simply a different, but not opposing, choice, and one that may work rather well for those seeking all encompassing medical care. In the end, however, patients must rely on their own commonsense when evaluating whatever treatment...

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