If I Win a Prize in a Lottery

If I Win a Prize in a Lottery

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If I win a prize in a lottery, I'll purchase everything that I want first of all , for example ,new computer and cellular phone etc.

And then I intend to make a trip.

My tour destination which I'd like to visit the most is Hawaii.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Also there are a lot of tropical fruits in Hawaii.

And it is a kind of volcanic island.

Many immigrants from Korea have lived there for about 200 years.

Hawaii is a part of U.S.A.

The scenery around Hawaii is very fantastic.

I hope I will have a great time in Hawaii.
If I win a prize on in case compound....
First of all quietly will leave a travel.
Only dream will leave the round-the-world trip which tries to draw.
Many culture it comes in contact and report it is because wants.
And will live the building in the okay area.
The building it gives a tax and..
from that place it has it lives the money which comes out and, Where to pick up in the quite place and to come it is to live with the parents together.
It wants doing during that time but without being able, to do slowly and to live and go.
That it is like that, to play and to eat and and and will not do.
The RAID of my Ub it leads and it does it wants a stately life in society and living.
It does a now stately life in society..
To surplus Rob to approach little more.
The money because is not the fact that printed style of writing continuation it gets to that extent it writes rashly, it with character Compared to it earns money plentifully and also the help gives to the society and it wants living.
Thank you for hearing

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