Ifr Coursework

Ifr Coursework

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Coursework 1 ( 40% )

The IASB is currently reviewing Measurement in the discussion paper it issued in July 2013.

Review this discussion paper and comment on the following with reference to specific examples.

You are required to write an essay of 2500 words (+ / - 10% excluding references) covering the following three requirements:

i) Discuss with reference the literature in the area, the alternative approaches that can be taken to measuring assets and liabilities and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. (20%)

ii) With reference to three out of the following five items discuss the problems with measuring the item concerned and attributing a value to it that is useful to the users of the financial statements.

a. Pensions
b. Intangible Fixed Assets
c. Off Balance Sheet Finance
d. Leasing
e. Financial Instruments

Your answer should provide references from published accounts.

iii) The board is currently proposing to limit the number of measurement bases used in the financial statements. Is this correct in your view and how should this proposal be implemented?

HAND IN DATE : Thursday 21st November 12.00 midnight

Guidance on content


Sum up what in general this essay is about. What are the key themes?

Don’t just repeat the question. Use your own words to make it as interesting as possible.

Don’t give opinions.

Main Body of Report

You need to do your own research into each of these areas but to start off with you should refer to the IASB Conceptual framework and discussion documents.

Try to sum up your views on why measurement is controversial and the reasons why in the modern world it is now necessary to record items using a range of different measurement approaches.

Make your personal opinion clear.

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