Impact of Civil Rights

Impact of Civil Rights

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IM going to state three state court cases that impact civil rights.

So im going to give the Background of those cases that i think that

changed civil rights. Also im going to tell how and why they were

brought to the Supreme Court, and the decision rendered.

These things thatim going to tell you effected the united states or

groups of people within this country. The three that i pick would be

the most important to me that effected the civil rights.

The first court case i choose is Gideon v. Wainwright (1963),

Gideon was arrested for breaking and entry and steeling. He was

represented by Wifred Turner, The fair trial system was upheld.

They didnt have enough evidence to confict him. The former

arrangements of upholding the fair trial system, where the state was

given a fair of latitude in criminal proceedings as long as there were

no shocking departures from fair procedure Gideon went on with his

life and he married again and then he died of cancer.

The second one that im going to talk about is the court case

of Brown v. Topeka Board of education (1954), i think this is a very

intersting case its about segrigation. The state called for school

districs to reverse its policy of racial segrigation of other students.

They had to stop seperation in the schools so there will be no more

segrigation going on. His court case added to the fight to end or

stop segrication all around the world.

There are many crazy cases going on in the world today but

my favorite case to me is Rotary International n. Rotary club of

Duarte (1987), Wooden must have equal rights to be sucessful in

his life. the decision was the Unruh Act does'nt violate the First

Amendment. The Effect was that it opened the thought of what is

covered in the First Amenment. All these cases have a cause in the

civil rights area and the Disobedience area to. These cases

happened a while...

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