Importance of It

Importance of It

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Running head: MARKETING PLAN

Marketing Plan
Brian Miller
Michael Green – Instructor
University of Phoenix
February 3, 2009

Marketing Plan
VLAC Inc., is comprised of roughly 50,000 employees. The company has grown to such a size from the development of our extensive product line. These products need a marketing strategy and plan. Without a marketing plan our product line and population would diminish considerably. We must also work within strict guidelines on how we market our products, due to the fact we manufacture and sell to government agencies and organizations.
Because our primary customers are government organizations, market research is difficult. When the economy is in a downward slope, government organizations may not be affected. Many of government driven projects are also kept secret; this make it very difficult for research. We do however manufacture widgets for the consumer, such as cables for the widget in your house. The market for these products can be researched by determining the current sales from retailers in the area. When can then extrapolate the projected widget requirement for the following year once the status of the economy has been factored in. My recommendation is to research the fluctuating consumer markets to determine the amount of widgets required for the next year, while keeping the government production static.
Once we have a good predication on next years widget requirements, we can then determine the media needed for advertisements to the market. For the consumer product lines, I first recommend having an updated web site describing the latest changes to the product so that retailers have easy access to the information. Our budget also allows for a television commercial; while we have not used television in previous advertisements, I think this year would be an excellent idea due to the downfall of the economy. Other alternatives of media would be email distribution lists, automated phone calls,...

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