Improved Process and Information

Improved Process and Information

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Improved Process and Data Collection
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Improved Process and Data Collection

Classic Cleaners inventory system

Classic Cleaners inventory system is the system which is used for production by the company at present. The main objective of this system is to enhance employees’ performance and production without curtailing service. According to company strategy more responsible employees are required in order to boost up learning process. For improvement in production, company compared production levels to the similar levels of other companies as a result of which company realized that more than $25,000 in inventory loss was possible. After examining the current production plan in depth, following outcomes were achieved:
1) It was concluded that determination of a strong approach for perfect allocation of resources and their working units.

2) It was concluded that inventory has not balanced at the plant level.

AS IS Process 

Just-In-Time Inventory
Just In Time, or JIT, is a phrase that is mostly heard in trading, specifically in the production sector. It is a way of simplifying the stock process, i.e. the inventory that reduces the inventory costs, resulting in a higher investment return. The higher return is a result of better manufacturing performance.
Three parts comprise an information system:
• The application system '' the technology and network of computers, which helps solve problems related to conversion of statistics into information.
• Humans '' the task that is performed by the person handling that information.
• The job itself that has to be executed.

To Be Process

An individual information systems department is required in every organization that handles manufacturing and production of any sort. All the personnel who look after the technological aspects of the information systems section are named the information system specialists....

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