The Process of Obtaining Information About Jobs

The Process of Obtaining Information About Jobs

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Job Analysis

The text tells us that a job analysis describes the process of obtaining information about jobs (Cascio 2006, pg. 158). The merger with InterClean and EnviroTech has opened up possibilities for a few different positions in the company. The merger has also allowed for the creation of some new positions. The ultimate goal of the job analysis to be conducted is to develop job descriptions and job specifications or requirements. Job descriptions are a summary of task and descriptions are the requirements or knowledge, skills and abilities that need to be possessed in order to carry out the function of the position. In order to determine the positions to be further developed and created, there would need to be a meeting with Jim Martin, the VP of Sales. The analysis methods used for the position are:

• Computer Competency Test

• Structured Questionnaires

• Observation

• Interview

From this meeting the following positions would be created and developed:

• Sales Rep I

• Senior Sales Rep

• Account Rep I

• Senior Account Rep

• Sales Trainer (two postions)

Job Descriptions & Specifications

Sales Rep I/Senior Sales Rep (* denotes description is specific to Senior Sales Rep)

• Establish new accounts

• Manage client appointments

• Assist with customer inquiries

• Attend monthly training to stay abreast of industry changes

• Perform other duties asked by management

• Assist with job shadowing and interviewing*

• High school diploma or equivalent, some college preferred

• Excellent written and oral skills

• Experience in sales (at least 2 years if hired outside*)

• Excellent customer service skills

• Knowledge of healthcare field preferred

• Must be able to utilize Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word

• Must pass a background check and drug test

Account Rep I/Senior Account Rep (* denotes description...

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