Information About Ozone Pollution

Information About Ozone Pollution

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Article Summary Ozone Layer

This article was based on information about ozone pollution. It talks about the Montreal Protocol. Furthermore, even after years the reports says that the ozone hole is getting bigger day by day. The article also describes some of the facts about ozone layer which is interesting. For example, the atmosphere forms and destroys the ozone, the ozone can have an effect on the human body and the article also provided information on what we could do about the ozone layer to help the atmosphere.

The article is asking a question that who is responsible for destroying ozone. And by reading this article it proves that not only the Montreal Protocol is responsible for the ozone destruction. The human life plays an important role in the destruction of ozone. And the next question arises in reader’s mind that how does it play? This article answers the entire question which reader’s mind could go through. The CFCs released from factories reaches the stratosphere and the chlorine atoms are released. As the result of this UV-rays from sunspots boost the ozone layer. Moreover, this UV-ray produces emission of sulphurous gases. Thus, this process weakens the cold air in the stratosphere. In a review published on May 4th based on the issues of nature by Elizabeth Westhead and Signe Anderson. Additionally, the group of NASA and university researchers had research on ozone destruction and concluded that the reason of this destruction and Montreal Protocol is due to CFCs.

The author of the Georgia Institute of Technology explained that the ozone concentrations at different altitudes are measured using different equipments such as satellites, balloons etc. They also compare their instruments with computer and the result they found was something good and something puzzled. The good news was that the in the upper stratosphere ozone recovery was entirely because of the reduction of CFCs. However, the puzzle was that in the lower stratosphere the...

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