Increasing Voter Turout Within the United States

Increasing Voter Turout Within the United States


I. Did you know that the age group of eighteen to twenty-nine year olds has the lowest voter turn- out rate in the United States?
A. I think that this is appalling and unacceptable.
II. If anything is important within politics, it is who represents our beliefs, values, and morals.
A. And the fact is, that we, as United States citizens, have complete control over this is called voting.
III. Today I am going to analyze why it is important to exercise our right to vote, how we can increase voter turn-out within our age group, and how this increased participation will fuel the success of American politics.

(Transition: Lets start with the need for increased voter turn-out within the United States.)


I. Although voter turn-out within the United states is slowly on the rise, there is a need fr more things to be done about this cause.
A. Many young people hold the belief that there is no point in voting because their vote doesnt even count. This is absolutley false.
1. In the United States, we live in a democracy in which we vote for a candidate to represent our system of beliefs.
2. As Peter Levine states, Democracy works when individuals vote their interests. However, when groups, especially large groups, do not participate, their interests get lost.
B. It is well know that senior citizens get out to vote. It is also well know that young people generally do not.
1. This can be seen not only in the voting records but for example, Social Security is untouchable because of senior citizen voter turn-out, but know one talks about the rising youth unemployment rate..because we don't elect representatives who share that concern.
C. As CNN correspondent, Christ Feig says one possible reason for low voter-turn out is the concept of the rising mistrust of politicians.
1. However, i believe that this rise in mistrust and the low voter turn-out is directly related.
2. If...

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