Indian Automobile Industry

Indian Automobile Industry

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This report elucidates the competitive analysis framework in automobile industry and in Mahindra and Mahindra. During the 1880s, the first internal-combustion powered vehicles were produced in Europe- notably by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz in Germany.
We know that different company had different internationalization strategies such as Toyota and Honda had extended throughout the world by establishing wholly owned Greenfield plants, Volkswagen made a series of acquisition in Europe and had focused heavily on investing in manufacturing capacity outside the advanced industrial countries, notably in Eastern Europe, Latin America and china.


The purpose of this report is to explain the competitive in automobile industry and in Toyota. It describes the competitive environment in industry and beside with it gives information on porter’s Five Forces Model with their limitations and benefits in the industry. Furthermore demonstrate SWOT analysis in automobile and Toyota, value chain analysis in Toyota. Above and beyond, clarify the technology and its impact on the automobile industry competitive Landscape, international aspects and current information on automobile industry. At the end Competitive advantages and international aspects of Toyota.

The Indian Automobile Industry

Industry overview

The automobile and automotive parts and components producers comprise a major portion of automotive industry throughout the world. The automotive manufacturing division consists of automobile and light truck producers, motors vehicle body producers, and motor vehicle component and supplies producers. This sector is busy in manufacturing of automotives and light duty motor vehicle, motor vehicle bodies, frame, cabs, trucks, automobile and utility trailers, buses, armed forces vehicles, and motor vehicle, petrol engines.

One of the largest industries in India is its automobile industry. Indian automobile industry consists of the...

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