Information Systems in the United States Navy

Information Systems in the United States Navy

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Information Systems in the United States Navy

Information systems support the business process in an organization in different ways. It

can support their own website or their own intranet that has information for their organization

such as their sales, inventory, taxes, employee information, or classified information that only

some people in the company can access. It can also support an email system or an instant

messenger that employees can contact other employees to discuss work related information

rather than talking on the phone.

At the current moment, I am no longer employed anywhere. My current job is to go to

college to achieve my bachelors in Information Technology. Although I am not employed at the

moment, I spent four years in the United States Navy, from November 2003 – November 2007. I

understand how their business process was when I was enlisted. The Navy has their own IT’s

and IS’s that take care of the information systems within the organization, and they have them in

each command. The Navy has their own intranet called NMCIS and the Marines use it as well,

but if the Navy in the squadrons has problems with the intranet or the computers, they have to

call the people that work with NMCIS. Each rate (which is a job are exactly like the jobs in the

civilian world), support one another and there are also contractors that help with the jobs that

they need achieved no matter how little or big the job is. Before I was discharged out of the

Navy, I worked in the gee dunk (which is the command’s store that sells snacks, non-alcoholic

drinks, food, and command merchandise), and I always thought that I didn’t do anything for the

Navy. I was an Aviation Machinist Mate working as a cashier. One day my supervisor told me

that every one of us sailors mattered and that we contributed to the Navy’s mission every day, no

matter what our job was. He said that the way I...

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