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Pg. 21-29
1) I have read and reviewed each professional behavior.
2) I have rated myself on each behavior considering the level at which I exhibit them.
3) I identified at least one measure to improve myself on each behavior.
4) I placed the completed form in my portfolio.
5) I reevaluated my professional behavior prior to my apllied training experience.
6) I compare the two scores and identified any weaknesses.
7) I obtained feedback about my professional behaviors from my instructor

Pg. 23
True and false
15) T
16) T
17) F: Empathy is not the process of feeling sorry for someone
18) T
19) F: Rapport is not a conflictive and argumentative relationship
20) F: Conflict is the workplace does not arise when two or more coworkers have the same opinions or ideas.
21) F ; an assertive person does not have a low self esteem
22) T
23) T
24) T
25) T
26) F

Pg. 26 sentence completion
10) receiver
11) understanding
12) posture
13) personal space
14) white coat
15) respect
16) communication
17) Maslow
18) Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Pg. 27 critical thinking
1) even though a person is not saying something directly it will send a negative message. It sends a message that the person is clearly not happy to see the person
2) learning development life span models will help you communicate with a patient because it will strengthen the understanding and the relationship.
3) The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross stage of death and dying can help the family of a patient who is terminally ill by guiding them to understand how their family member is feeling and what upcoming feelings they will face. Helps the patient understand why they are feeling and what will happen.
4) A : I would like for you to understand that in order to get you better, you need to take your antidepressants as directed or I will not be able to help you get this under control.
B: What can I help you with? If I cannot help you get the question answered I will not be able to direct...

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