Infrared Mammary Gland Tester Market

Infrared Mammary Gland Tester Market

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Mammary gland, responsible for lactating is located in the breasts of females. Unlike men, in women, post puberty
the glandular tissue develops in response to release of estrogen in females. These glands assist in milk production in
lactating mothers post childbirth. Progesterone and prolactin are released during pregnancy, of which progesterone
interferes with prolactin and prevents the mammary gland lactation during this period. However, during this period
small amounts of pre-milk substance (colostrum) are produced, this substance is rich in nutrients and antibodies that
help the infants to sustain for the first few days of life. Post childbirth, the levels of progesterone levels decrease and
prolactin levels remain raised which results in milk production or lactation process. The mammary glands are
signaled to initiate lactation process after each time a baby is breastfed. During menopausal stage, the tissues
become fibrous and degenerative and hence, decrease the capacity of milk production.
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Female Mastopathy affects women aged between 17 to 45 years, major complaint being the chest pain resulting
from neoplasm. This condition is resultant from misbalance observed in the endocrine profile resulting in improper...

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