Installing Oracle 9i on Rhel5

Installing Oracle 9i on Rhel5


Recently I joined Sqlstar International for my Oracle DBA course. Everything was going smooth. I completed my SQL Fundamentals with Oracle installed on Windows in my pc. But when classes started for DBA Fundamentals 1 I was at loss, as in my institute oracle was installed on Redhat Linux platform. I could have done all the solution of the text on windows but I decided to configure my own Linux box and install oracle on it to simulate the class environment. So I procured Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 and downloaded Oracle 9i release 2. When I installed Linux and went ahead to install oracle on it, I simply couldn’t. So, for the fear of being labeled as ignorant, I did some googling and found out that RHEL5 doesn’t support Oracle 9i. I had faced lots of troubles to procure RHEL5 and didn’t want to go again in that lonely, long road, so I googled some more, and found out that after modding the RHEL5 box a bit, one can install Oracle on it. So I searched and searched and finally found some

articles in some generous genius’s blog where they had written detailed instructions on how to mod the RHEL5 box for Oracle9i installation.

My first attempt wasn’t successful. After a few moments of contemplation, I found out that I was using the newer version of JRE which somehow loaths Oracle 9i. So I followed the advice and installed the old JRE and voila, after few tweaks I managed to install the Oracle. I did it twice again to perfect the art. It’s a pity I couldn’t repeat my success at my friend Ahalya and Shantanu’s notebook. That time I couldn’t find out where did I go wrong. But later when I came back to home and reinstalled the combo, it installed smoothly. Besides, when I showed them the source instruction, they couldn’t understand it, and requested me to modify it to suite to their needs. So here I am, modifying the original articles (Sources are mentioned in Reference Section.)


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