Intent to Begin Doctorate

Intent to Begin Doctorate

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My intent for pursuing the doctorate is to bridge the gap between education and field of work and to build a leadership in my organization which can implement the proven theories into practice. Gibran (1973) was also concerned about the knowledge which is not in practice and in turns it is of no use. Because if one is not using the knowledge, it will not create any impact.

Choosing Doctorate Degree instead of Ph.D. is due to the reason that this degree will allow me to research using practitioner approach because according to Caboni and Proper (2009) the Ph.D. program is designed for faculty and is mainly for research purpose in the philosophy of the subject. My aim is to research in the areas where technology and IT industry is and to build the leadership into practice to eliminate the problems in a scholarly way. Pursuing it online will help me more because in this way I will not loose the connection with my industry.

I believe that after completing the doctorate, I will be able to make the changes happen, in management policies and practices, more confidently and most importantly I have a passion to go for this doctorate program and same trait can fit in leader/practitioner/scholar role to bring change.


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