February - July 2010

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Nasser Mohamud 3 COA Communication 449700 Toronto CityEvents Deborah Lewis Melissa Duchak

Currently I’m completing a Bachelor’s degree in Communication at the INHolland School of Communications in the Netherlands. I’m in my 3rd year and therefore I have to conduct a 5 month internship. The reason I choose to do my internship abroad is because I wanted to benefit from the experience. After following 3 internships in the Netherlands during my previous education, I wanted a new challenge. I wanted to do my internship abroad to experience the international business world and to learning, improve and develop new sets of skills. One of my main goals is to improve my English. Another goal is that I’m planning to study abroad and follow a Masters program. This is why I choose to follow my internship abroad; to learn and develop new sets of skills and to experience working abroad. The reason I choose Canada for my internship is because my uncle is living in Toronto well over 20 years. It seemed convenient for me knowing that one of my relatives is nearby, someone who can help me and show me the way in Canada while doing my internship abroad. In this internship report I will describe my experiences during my internship period. The internship report contains an overview of the internship company and the activities, tasks and projects that I have worked on during my internship. Writing this report, I also will describe and reflect my learning objects and personal goals that I have set during my internship period.


For this opportunity, I thank: Deborah Lewis, who is the CEO of CityEvents and my job coach. I want to thank her for giving me the opportunity to follow my internship at her company. She had the kindness to accept me in her company and guide me through my internship with advice, feedback and tips despite her busy...

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