interview attire

interview attire

Operations Associates Dress Code

All associates are required to follow the dress code. Please Sign to Acknowledge:


Shirt - Shirt cleaned and ironed. Shirt tails tucked in and collar buttoned up at least 2 (from bottom).
Sweater – May be worn outside the Panda shirt when necessary.
Pants - Black proper fitting pants cleaned and wrinkle free. No denim allowed.
Aprons – Wrinkle free. Must be worn at all times and cleaned.
Socks – Required, only black or dark blue socks are permitted.
Shoes - Black, closed toe, and non-slip rubber soles.
Caps - Must be worn at all times while on duty and kept clean. Panda issued cap must be worn by Back of House associates.
Name tags - Must be worn at all times on left collar. Must be clean with name on inside of tag.
Safety Belt – Must be worn at all times by all BOH associates.
Neatly and conservatively style.
Long hair must be put up in a bun or pony tail above the collar and confined under the cap. Hair nets may be worn when appropriate and may be required by certain state laws.
Hair must be pulled away from the face.

Nails should be short and clean. Nail polish and fake nails should not be worn for sanitary reasons.
Shave daily before reporting to work. Beards and goatees are not permitted.
Side burns must be neatly trimmed and may not extend beyond the bottom of the ear lobe.
A mustache may be worn, but must be neatly trimmed and not extend below the upper lip.
Perfume/Cologne are not permitted.
Necklace - May be worn as long as it does not dangle outside of the uniform.
Earrings – A pair of small conservative earrings or post-type may be worn. Large or dangling earrings are not acceptable. Plugs, Spacers or Spikes are not permitted.
Piercing– Visible body piercing is not permitted.
Tattoo – Visible tattoo must be conservative and non-offensive.
Watch - one (1) wristwatch may be worn. Watch is...

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