Interview with Ece Worker

Interview with Ece Worker

I intervied someone that work in a daycare / preschool, she works with all age

groups, but seems to be mostly with preschool age children. She got started in the field

when she took a childcare class at her highschool and became a certified preschool

teacher. Her highschool had a preschool lab, and they sent her to a daycare where she

has been working for about 2 years. She is now a freshman at BCC. During the

interview i tried to understand how she got to work with children, and her likes and

dislikes about actually working with children and what advice i could get from someone

that already has a job in the field.

There were many good things to say about her job with children, and not many

negatives. Some of the good parts about working with children are " its fun to play with

the kids " and " when i arrive the kids are happy to see her, and she knows she important"

although she loves her job there are circumstances where it gets really hard to have the

patience to put up with the children. She said out of all the age groups she likes the

preschool age the most. I told her how i came into this field, and the areas i think i need to

work on the advise she gave me was Even though it can seem discouriging and really

hard at times keep at it, and it will be all worth it in the end. The advise she gave me was

very helpfull cause there are some times i do get discourged and it seems very difficult to

have the patience to deal with young children.

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