into the night

into the night

History 11 Inventions Paper

What is the most important invention?

Heading and Title:
It should contain the author’s name, the teacher’s name, the class, date, and the title of your paper.

Thesis Statement:
Main sentence of your paper. This is what you are trying to say with the information you have found.

Information on a Thesis:
Before you begin to write you need to have narrowed your topic to a theme. The final step is narrowing your theme to a thesis and stating that thesis clearly in the introduction to your paper. A thesis is that aspect of your theme that you with to make the central argument of your paper. To put it another way, your thesis is the specific point, question, or argument about your theme around with you will organize your paper. For example, ‘the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor” is a theme. The process of narrowing thesis theme into a thesis might begin by examining the reasons for the success of the attack. This might lead to the thesis “why the United States was unprepared for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.” An introduction to such a paper might be as follows:

This paper will examine several factors that led to the success of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It will discuss the strength of Japan and its policy in the Pacific. It will also discuss how the issue of Japanese control of China increased tensions between Japan and the United States. Its principal point will be that, despite years of growing tensions between the two countries, the United States was militarily unprepared for the Japanese attack.

Introductory Paragraph:
The first paragraph of your paper will include your thesis statement. You need to have three different ideas that you will discuss to prove your thesis. The basic concept is a five-paragraph paper. Introduction, three main paragraphs, and the conclusion.

Concluding Paragraph:
This paragraph is the final paragraph of your paper. It should summarize what your...

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