That Night

That Night

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Full of stories, full of life, and full of love is my great grandmother Nani. Everyone that knows her calls her “Abuela”, simply because she is soon to be one-hundred and three years old this March. In every photograph that I have seen and ever since I could remember she has looked the same, her shiny white hair perfectly combed, standing straight, always dressed as if she was going out with a little too much perfume on. She will never wear a house dress unless she is going to bed, because she says that is for old people. My great grandmother has perfect memory of everything that has happened in her life, she is the proudest women I know, so proud that she refuses to use a walker or a hearing aid.

When she wakes up the first thing she does is get in the shower, she says she likes to start fresh every morning. Next she goes to her favorite place in the house, the kitchen. Abuela does not like anyone to move things around in her kitchen and she is the only one who can cook there and of course she does not need any assistance at all. Everyday around five o’clock she likes to turn on the television and listen to her horoscope. If someone comes to visits her she always makes them café. When dinner is done she sits in her rocking chair and watches her novela. At about nine o’clock she goes to sleep. Friday morning she always prays her rosary three times.

I remember when I was younger and got home from school she will make me French fries. She will ask me how my day was and how was school going . After I would eat we will sit together and play cards .

Abuela is a strong and intelligent women that everyone admires. Her life has had its up and downs like any other for instance living in Castro’s regime and coming to the United States, or seeing her own children pass away because of their age or illness but then have so many grand children and great grandchildren to love her.

She does not like to think about tomorrow because she is frightened that she will...

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