Intro to Theatre /Theatre Spaces

Intro to Theatre /Theatre Spaces

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Theatre 100 – Intro to Theatre /Theatre Spaces – In-class exercise


1. Looking at the examples of the four major types of theatrical playing spaces on the backside of this paper, match the picture to the correct type of theatre. List one advantage and disadvantage of each type of space.

A. Type of space: Thrust
Advantage: You can get up close with your audience
Disadvantage: You cant see all the people

B. Type of space: Arena
Advantage: More space to move around
Disadvantage: The audience might see the back of a person for the whole show if it isn’t protruded right.

C. Type of space: Blackbox
Advantage: Creative is the main key
Disadvantage:Might give the wrong idea of the space

D. Type of space: Proscenium
Advantage: Bigger Stage Room
Disadvantage: Far From the audience

2. Based on what you have learned today about the various types of theatre playing spaces, what type of space is the Mary L. Welch Theatre? Thrust
The Dragon’s Lair? Black box theatre

3. Using the proscenium stage as a model, draw your own stage picture below and identify Stage Left (SL), Stage Right (SR), Upstage (US) and Downstage (DS) from the actor’s point of view. Be sure to indicate where the audience is located.

Bonus Question: A found space is any type of space converted to be a theatrical space. I mentioned a theatre company in New York City that was performing on a very unique type of space. What was that space? A Barge

Extra Bonus: What was the name of the theatre company?

A.[pic] B. [pic]

Proscenium Thrust

C. [pic] D. [pic]

Arena Black Box/Created Space
Down stage

Stage Left StageRight

Up Stage

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