Introduction to 911

Introduction to 911

The happening that took place on the sunny morning of 11 September 2001 had shock the entire world and in particular the United States to its core. A well coordinated terrorist strike on the United States that kill 3,000 people left the entire world the reeling feelings of shock, fear, disbelief, anger, grief and helplessness.

Four commercial jetliners was hijacked by 19 terrorists affiliated with the al-Qaeda network, a radical Islamic group led by Saudi exile Osama bin Laden whom deemed to wage a holy war against the United States. Working in teams of 4-5 men, the hijacked airplanes was turned and flown towards targets chosen for destruction i.e. the major landmarks over United States of America. Two of the planes loaded with fuel and passengers, were flown at full speed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in the financial district of New York City. At 8.46am, American Airlines Flight 11, a 767 Boeing hijacked from Boston, was the first plane to crash into the North Tower and minutes later United Airlines Flight 175 followed on to crashed at the South Tower. The buildings burst into flames and then collapsed, killing thousands. By noon, the World Trade Center was no longer existed.

The 3rd terrorist crew smashed their hijacked plane into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the U.S military leaving a huge gaping hole which killed many inside while the 4th hijacked plane crashed in a rural field at Pennsylvania killing everyone on board. It was apparent that the 4th plane intended to hit another target in Washington, D.C. but the plane never reached its target due to brave passengers on board stormed the cockpit to seize control over the plane which was overrun with 4 terrorist.

It was deemed evident that the attacks were specifically aimed to destroy the buildings that symbolized U.S. financial, political and military power. The U.S. citizens, feeling their country under attack, rallied behind their leaders in a display of national...

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