Introduction to Centralsug System

Introduction to Centralsug System

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Introduction to the Centralsug System

The Centralsug System is an efficient, modern and exceptionally hygienic method of handling waste. It is based on the principle of transporting waste to the truck. The system utilizes air to transport the waste via a network of underground pipes from buildings to a central collection station. The applications are far ranging, almost any urban development with a high concentration of waste being generated can benefit from this system.
The system consists of: a refuse chute with inlet doors for discarding refuse on each level of the building, a network of pipes which connect each building to a central collection station and a collection station where refuse is compacted and stored in containers.
The Centralsug system also makes recycling more efficient, Different types of waste can be easily collected and stored in separate containers to be transported to recycling facilities.
Fig.1: System Concept
The Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks (HKSTP) was the first commercial building which has installed the Automated Refuse Collection System.

The components of the Automated Refuse Collection System

The Automatic Refuse Collection System (ARCS) consists of the following parts:

1. Central Collection Station
This is where all refuse is collected after pneumatic transport. All equipment, which performs and supports the collection process, are installed here. Fig.2: Diagram of main components of ARCS

2. Refuse Transport Pipes
A Network of underground transport pipes connects the collection station with the building and sites where the refuse originates.

3. Vertical Gravity Refuse Chutes with Loading Doors
The vertical chute run down the length of the building and connects to the refuse transport electronically locked. There is no vacuum in the chute, the refuse bags fall by gravity down to the discharge valves.

4. Refuse Discharge Valves
These valves are located at the bottom...

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