IPE-MBA in collaboration with Olympia College

IPE-MBA in collaboration with Olympia College

Mastere Of Business Administration


Students of
IPE can
also earn
the PPA

The Institute for Expertise - IPE Management School Paris
affiliated to Grande Ecole Specialisees (GES) is an
established and acknowledged Higher Education
postgraduate professional degree in the field of
IPE Management School Paris delivers its programmes
not only in France but also increasingly in several other
countries due to the high quality of its education
provision and relevant curriculum.
Its innovative and technology enabled programmes
allows students to combine their work commitment with
flexible study programmes fulfilling both the need for
the academic as well as work and industry orientation.
The teaching-learning strategies are enhanced through
our careful use and application of education
technology and the Internet.

The quality of our teaching, our faculty and Professional
approach has resulted in IPE Management School
being recognised and certified by the French State at
Level 1 (the highest recognition in France)


PPA - Ranked No.1

Paris Pole Alternance (PPA) a sister Higher Education
Institution with IPE Management School Paris (within the
GES Network of Higher Education Institutions) is highly
ranked in France. For 2012 the rankings are as follows:

La Parisien
PPA is ranked 4th in France with a statement that
acknowledges the quality of education and teachers to
realize the potential of their students.

La Figaro
PPA is ranked 7th in France

Le Nouvelle Economiste
PPA is ranked 8th in France with the statement that PPA is
ranked in the top 40 best known Business Schools in

Award for Learning
PPA is ranked 1st
IPE Management School Paris and PPA share and are fully
integrated in fulfilling our academic objectives and aims
and to ensure that the interests and career needs of all
our students are...

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