Is Immigration from Egypt a Good Idea?

Is Immigration from Egypt a Good Idea?

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Do Egyptians really want to remain in their country post-revolution? The question of whether we should stay in our country is becoming quite controversial. Immigration seemed to be an ideal solution for most of Egyptians to escape from the serious issues our country is facing. However, it has been argued that these problems are continuously fading since the revolution. Three of the most debatable issues were unemployment, bad health care and environmental pollution.

Many Egyptians contend that the economical conditions are getting better after the revolution. They argue that there is a tangible declination in the rate of unemployment and that getting a good job is becoming much easier than it always tended to be. However, this does not convey the actual situation, our country is facing. It is a matter of fact that, many Egyptians have lost their jobs during the revolution due to the drop in the economical stability of the country. Tourism revenues; which are an indispensable resource for millions of Egyptians, have fallen by 30 percent after the revolution. It was also concluded by the central agency for mobilization and statistics that the unemployment in Egypt has raised to 11.9% after revolution (Amer, 2012).

It has been argued by many government officials that the government provides a good health insurance. They also claim that there is not any health issues facing our country. Nevertheless they always neglect the priority health problem that contributes to every single health issue facing our country today which is overpopulation. “Egypt’s population has doubled in size in just 30 years, from 44 million in 1980 to 83 million in 2009”. Not to mention that with the high rate of illiteracy that reaches up to 72%, it is almost impossible to raise awareness of healthcare issues. “So for example in one study about the public awareness of AIDS conducted in 2008, less than 2% of women among the poorest fifth of society knew the basic...

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