Is It Possible to Be Ethical Yet Profitable

Is It Possible to Be Ethical Yet Profitable

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A lot of people wonder about this when they’re first starting out. Because it seems the news is always finding some new cover-up from major corporations. The government is hunting down some new fraud. And many sales consultants constantly advise ethical shortcuts to selling.

So it only makes sense to wonder if it’s even possible to be both ethical and profitable in business today…

The good news is that it is. And with the new power social media gives to customers…it’s finally becoming the MOST profitable way to do business.

A company can only survive so long with their deception…before the news breaks out.

Today we the consumers have more power than ever before. While many companies are trying to figure out how to manipulate social media, one of the best uses of it is providing good products and services to your customers and letting them SHARE the experience they’ve had with you with all those they’re connected to.

The reason we constantly hear about big companies screwing up is because most traditional media lives by the motto, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

They’re constantly on the look-out for bad stories to tell. They’re constantly portraying an image of those “greedy capitalists.”

What they don’t show you are all the companies who are doing good around them, cleaning up the messes of others, and being wildly profitable while they’re at it. That news isn’t sensational…and it doesn’t grab the viewers. But it is exactly what we need as entprereneurs looking for ethical and profitable businesses.

They also rarely feature the small business solopreneur carving out their own little lifestyle business and how they can use it to really bring change to the lives of those around them.

The people I do business with who are happiest, most fulfilled, and yes, most profitable long-term are those who not just run a business. They’re on a MISSION to change lives. Whatever their MESSAGE is, they use it to help others.

For example,...

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