IS4680_Unit 2 Assignment

IS4680_Unit 2 Assignment

Security Auditing for Compliance

STUDENT COPY: Graded Assignment Requirements

Unit 2 Assignment 1: Frameworks—Role in Information Technology (IT) Security
Domains and Auditing Compliance
Learning Objectives and Outcomes

You will be able to identify the role of frameworks in IT security domains and auditing

Assignment Requirements
You have been designated as the Strategy Development Officer and have been asked to meet the
Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) Director to help him identify the frameworks required to develop
the long-term strategies to address the current and future needs for Department of Defense (DoD)
spectrum access. This is necessary because the DSO is the center of excellence for electromagnetic
spectrum analysis and the development of integrated spectrum plans. It provides direct operational
support to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Combatant Commanders, Secretaries of
Military Departments, and Directors of Defense Agencies to achieve national security and military
objectives, and your analysis will be the first step in helping to develop long-term strategies for the
Draft a complete report addressing the following tasks:
1. Identify three frameworks that fit into the organizational scenario.
2. Analyze the scenario based on the identified frameworks.
3. Develop a plan to audit the three identified frameworks for compliance.
Required Resources
Submission Requirements

Format: Microsoft Word

Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space

Citation Style: The Chicago Manual of Style

Length: 1–2 pages

Due By: Unit 3

Self-Assessment Checklist

I have identified the three frameworks.

I have provided an adequate analysis.

I have designed an appropriate plan for compliance using the correct format.

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