it280 week 1

it280 week 1

Application-Level Requirements List

1. First the program should provide some information including the title, user instructions, and the overall purpose to better acquaint the user.

2. The program display should be easy to use while inputting information.

3. The purpose and instructions for the program must be apparent.

4. Simplicity in the wording and outputs is important to avoid any possible confusion and make the program user friendly.

5. Written in a fashion that allows further expansion by others at a later date.

6. The program must be able to handle multiple conversion of currency at the same time or after one another without restarting the process.

7. The ability to restart the program when a user has accomplished all they set out to do.

Hierarchy Chart

Input and output process

Diagram Control Flow —-Main Control

Control Flow —Get_Int_Value

Control Flow Diagram—Convert Currency

Control Flow Diagram—-Main Control

Control Flow Diagram—Display Menu

Control Flow Diagram—Get_Int_Value

Control Flow Diagram—Convert Currency

Control Flow Diagram—Display Results

International currency type (menu selection)

Pseudo Codes

Main module
Declare Nationality as string
Declare Currency Type as integer
Declare Currency Amount as real
Declare US Dollar as real...

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