Jane Eye

Jane Eye

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|Scene No |
|Slug line |
|Endpoint of last scene |
|Characters in scene |
|Point of scene |
|Conflict |
| |
|Ending/central question |
| 1 Page No |
|INT. Living room of house , Daytime. |
| |
|Amaar Baz , Amaar’s Brother Sam. And Amaar’s Dad |
|Too see whether Amaar’s family trusts him to take his new bike and mobile phone with him to|
|the park. |
|Amaar asking if he has permission to go to the local park on his bike. |


|Scene description. |
|Scene starts with a medium shot of Sam and Dad talking about what’s being shown on TV. Clear bright light is shown in this scene as|
|the sun is shining through the roof to floor windows. [Moves up to a close up shot] Sam asks dad where Amaar is [straight cut shot |
|to dad] and dad replies ‘upstairs’ and calls Amaar downstairs to the living room. As Sam sits anxiously waiting to Amaar to come |
|down the stairs, Dad wonders why he wants him so bad. [Long shot] Amaar arrives downstairs wondering what his family wants. Dad |
|asks Amaar what it is he is doing [moves to a close up shot]. Amaar then says that he is not doing anything and what’s to go to the|
|local park with his brand new bike and brand new mobile phone. |

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