Jesus Is Comming Back

Jesus Is Comming Back


To ernestly supplicate and worship.Our focus is on God .
We pray in the name of Jesus.

The prayer of faith is very important James 5 verse 12.

Evangelist Gareth:
The second coming of Jesus

Jesus is coming any moment .
Jesus is coming to take his and the righteous ones.

Jesus is coming to take those with a heart that connects with him.
God doesn’t want people to lose their lives

You don’t have a permanent place hear on earth.
When you are dead you are dead they wont be an chance for you.

Hell is real and heaven is real.
Mathew 24- behold I am going but I am coming back.
We are in the last days but Jesus is coming.
Work out your salvation

No one knows the hour or the day he is coming.

I timothy Chapter 3.

Mathew 22 vesre 24
When judgement is coming down God does not look at the condition of Man.
Jesus is coming at any hour at any time.

The way you are living today determines your eternity.
Whom you spend time with determines your eternity.

What does it help to win the whole world and loose your life.
Jesus is coming and he is going to judge us of what we have done and touched.

Ezekiel 18 preach the word of God.
This season is temporary.
We will all leave this world.
Think about that habit that is bad.

Let not your problem stop you to inherit the Kingdom of God.



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