Joan of Arc Changes History 2

Joan of Arc Changes History 2

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Joan of Arc Changes History

The following report will tell you about Joan of Arc, a young woman with a giant affect on history. Joan of arc was only about 12 when she began her “mission” to help lead one of the most important and memorable rebellions of all time. By the time she was about 17 she had gained command of French troops and gained the rank of captain. As a teenager Joan of Arc led a rebellion unmatched by a woman of her age, and one can only imagine what she would have done next if she wasn’t convicted of witchcraft and heresy. Joan of Arc was an important woman in history for the rebellion she led against the English, for which she was burned at the stake, and she remains an inspirational hero to women and men alike everywhere.
Joan of Arc, or in French Jeanne d’Arc, was born to Jacques Darc a farmer and his wife Isabelle de Vouthon. Joan of Arc was born on January 6, 1412 as the third of five children (this date is the accepted date because her true birth date was not recorded) (Maid). Joan of Arc was born in the town of Domremy which lies on the border of the provinces of Champagne and Lorraine (Bois). During her childhood she spent most of her time tending her father’s herds or learning religion and housekeeping skills from her mother. By the time Joan of Arc was about 12 she began hearing “voices” of St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret (Bois).

These voices told Joan that it was her calling to lead a mission to free her country from the English and to help The Dauphin gain control to the French throne. The voices also told her to cut her hair, dress in man’s uniform and to pick up arms (Bois). One might think this is because during the time any military leader might not pay much attention to a woman, let alone a girl.
The first task for Joan was to convince the captain of the dauphin forces and the Dauphin himself of her calling. When Joan went to see the Dauphin he ordered one of his courtiers sit at his...

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