The Relevance of Joan of Arc to the Development of Christianity

The Relevance of Joan of Arc to the Development of Christianity

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The story of Joan of Arc is extremely relevant to the development of Christianity

because it illustrates how the power of total faith and unquestioning devotion to

Christian beliefs can lead to achieving miraculous accomplishments. In this paper we

will briefly review Joan of Arc’s story before discussing her importance in the unfolding

of Christianity, as well as the contributions her story made in emphasising the power of

faith regardless of who you are as long as you have total belief.

Joan of Arc was an exceptional young girl, whose utter devotion to Catholic faith and to

her country led her to achieve remarkable triumphs. In 1428 France was in grave

danger (Beyond the myth , Schoyer, inside cover). The Hundred year’s War caused the

English to occupy much of France’s northern territory (Britannica, “Joan of Arc”). An

impoverished French king, Charles VII, had not yet been crowned, and the town of his

coronation, Reims, was in England’s hands (Britannica, “Joan of Arc”). Plague, warfare

and religious strife left France with very little hope for the future (Beyond the myth ,

Schoyer, inside cover). Into this calamity, intervened a new heroine: a young illiterate

peasant girl named Joan from the little town of Domremy (Beyond the myth , Schoyer,

inside cover). Inspired by her love for France, by her determination, by her visions

of St. Michael, St. Margaret and St. Catherine and especially by her true devotion to

Christianity, Joan of Arc subdued the doubts of everyone from her parents to the king

himself (Joan of Arc, Schlesinger, p13). Born in 1412, Joan was only 17 years old and

tending to her sheep when she heard voices and had a heavenly vision commanding her

to save her country by clearing the Dauphin’s way to the throne (DK Illustrated

Encaeclopedia, “Joan of Arc”). Being a devout catholic, she did not doubt for a moment

that these were...

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