Job Performance Method

Job Performance Method

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I chose the job performance method for my job analysis. I will be forming a sales team of 6 employees. Below are the job titles, summaries, and tasks for each position.
A.Job Title: VP of Sales
Job Summary: Take leadership over the sales department, handling the acquisition of the new company. Must be a self starter and be able to meet and exceed sales goals for the company, and not be afraid to try new ideas to achieve sales goals.

1. Draft sales plan for the year.
2. Designate sales managers, and assign them representatives
3. Assign territories to designated sales representatives.
4. Create a budget for the sales team, assigned quarterly.
5. Organize weekly meetings with sales team to discuss current status of clients and accounts, as well as discuss any new potential accounts.

B.Job Title: Sales Manager
Job Summary: Assist the VP of Sales and lead the sales representatives. Must be a go-getter, not afraid of competition. Ability to maintain current relationships with clients, and establish relationships with new clients. Must be able to meet sales goals set by VP of Sales.

1. Hold weekly meetings with sales reps and reports back to VP of sales with results.
2. Ability to be the go-to person for customers and clients with problems and concerns.
3. Assign the sales representatives clients and territories.
4. Assign sales goals to sales representatives.
5. Hold sales representative accountable for meeting their sales goals.

C.Job Title: Outside Sales Representative
Job Summary: Responsible for sales activity in assigned area and with assigned clients. Maintain quality and concise knowledge of current products and services.

1.Establish and maintain relationships with current and potential clients.
2.Develop and maintain sales materials on current products and services for client information.
3.Manage account services through quality checks and client follow-ups.
4.Participate in...

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