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Studies show that most patients with Alzheimer’s because of the survey of the disease will need a caregiver or a nursing home facility. According to (Clark& Witte, 1991; Lubinnski & Orange, 2000: Small, Geldart & Guntman, 2000; Williamson &Schultz 1993; as the Alzheimer’s progress caregivers report that as the patient’s cognitive thinking declines, including language impairments and a breakdown in communication, increasing the stress level; as well increased caregiver burden.

In a current study researchers used a systematic observational design to measure communication behaviors of formal caregivers assisting individuals with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s during a self-care task. Researchers used hand washing to see the effectiveness of verbal and nonverbal communication strategies used by formal caregivers during completion of a basic observation. Authors commend the verbal communications strategies a 90 percent success of the hand washing skills, with the exception of turning water on and off. The nonverbal communication strategies for the Alzheimer’s patients were also a success with guided touch by 83 percent of all physical prompts. The pointing to object accounted for 38 percent of nonverbal communications strategies involving modeling/gestures.

Medical research has indicated that taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs like Lipitor or Mevacor can cut down on your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Two new reviews from the Cochrane Collaboration new hopes for stains as a protective against Alzheimer’s disease or macular degeneration but researchers hope that lowering blood levels of cholesterol could help reduce chances of having the disease. Study also shows that people taking anti-hypertension drugs also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Caucasians and be responsible for as much as 50 percent of risk for developing Alzheimer ’s disease. Having this genotype increases the AB deposition and cerebrovascular disease. The...

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