Scientific Method

Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method
LaRonica Birmingham
A prediction that provides explanation, a procedure used to test the ideas, the observation of results in the procedure, and a conclusion based on all of the other steps. Here are the steps to assist with a scientific method process.Why is it important to differentiate between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells? What do you think is the biggest difference between the two?

Ask and define the question.
Gather information and resources through observation.
Form a hypothesis.
Perform one or more experiments and collect and sort data.
Analyze the data.
Interpret the data and make conclusions that point to a hypothesis.
Formulate a "final" or "finished" hypothesis.

With the investigation concluded, the published results will be verified by other investigators, and the "tested" knowledge integrated into a larger whole of scientific information.

In the activity I used my better judgement on what the problem could possibly be. For example the car scenerio had me look over the different reasons as to why the car would not start. So I basially went the process of of elimination, which after running through get trouble shoot I found out the actually problem.
There was a time when i had used my debit card at the gas pump. I had only got 20 dollars worth of gas but for some reason when i checked my card later it stated that 75 dollars was takened. I was in a big panick, thinking that somehow someone had committed fraud agasint my account. After going back over te usage, i realized that i had used the card at the stated time. I later found out that when using your card at the gas pump they sometimes that more to make sure you have the funds available.

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