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The new Equine Infectious Anemia test kit is a new product that will provide high quality at home testing to equine owners and clients. The Equine Infectious Anemia test kit will provide veterinarians with the ability to perform a basic or an “at home” version of the Coggins test on site of where the equine is located. Thus, allowing the veterinarian to acquire fast results upon performing the onsite test through the kit.

The test kit will target all Equine owners and veterinarians who specialize in the field of equines. The market niche of equine owners in rural areas are the primary target for this product because it allows the consumer to perform the test without traveling far to get a test done or to pay a lot of money to have a veterinarian to come to the location. Also the low cost of the product itself will be an appealing factor to all consumers and practitioners. The product will show value and performance to all users.

The Industry of Equine Veterinarian is a big industry and will be a perfect niche to which the product will be introduced to. Animal disease testing is a big action in this industry and diagnostics testing services. The one large veterinary service controls a lot of the market. And much of the percentage of the industry is vaccinations and routine services. The equine infectious anemia test kit will help with those services. This niche would be our company’s entry wedge into the market.

In total the equine industry is represented by a few major players that make up much of the market share. The market share of all veterinarians nationwide is an appealing sector of players furthermore many veterinarians are employed by many companies, zoos and research facilities; thus increasing product exposure to all areas of industry.

The key leading parts within the Equine industry include veterinarian services which are all establishments of licensed practice and the use of certified...

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