Methods of Vaccination

Methods of Vaccination

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Vaccination against Disease

Vaccines can be defined today as a medical wonder. They allow our body to fight against diseases and give us certain ‘immunity’ against bacteria and viruses. They have virtually wiped out some diseases from the earth and have taught our body how to cope with most infections. However are they really protecting our body or in fact making it worse? 6)

How a vaccine works is in fact quite simple. The vaccine ‘sends’ a preview of the virus, bacterium, or toxin allowing the body to discover how to deal with the pathogen. Once the body learns how to deal with the pathogen it will disclose certain immunity against that virus, bacterium, or toxin. However some vaccines do not provide a lifelong immunity allowing the pathogen to infect the body after the vaccine has worn off. An example of this is the Tetanus vaccine which needs to be taken again after the initial vaccine took place. I will talk about some common vaccines and viruses later in this report. 6)

Although vaccines are theoretically protecting your body from bacteria and viruses, they can also cause some problems or ‘defects’ to the body. Like any medication there are pros and cons to every medication. However most of these side effects are minor and will not concern the body in most cases. These side effects include some pain and sometimes swelling at the injection site as well as mild fever. At worst some severe reactions can occur to the body such as fainting and high fevers. 1)

Despite all this vaccines do in fact help the body’s immune system fight against certain diseases and viruses. 6) There are many ways to get a vaccination; the most common one used is by a needle injection. There are many others such as an oral vaccine which is a vaccine taken by the mouth. There are other methods such as aerosols where the actual vaccine can be inhaled. Aerosol vaccinations can be used to prevent the invasion of measles at a young age. It is a new method used for children which...

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