Journal in a Jar

Journal in a Jar

Why was your name chosen for you?

What was happening in the world when you were born?

What is your earliest memory of home?

What was your favorite hiding place as a child?

What is your favorite hiding place as an adult?

What was your favorite store and why did you like to go there?

What were your chores as a child?

What did your mother do during the day?

What did you do on summer days?

What did you enjoy in the winter?

What was your favorite fairy tale or bedtime story?

What was your favorite doll or toy?

What was your favorite treat?

What pets have you had?

What pet did you always want?

Do you remember what an ice cream cone cost when you were a child?

What does one cost today?

What kind of car did your family have?

Describe how people dressed when you were a child.

Describe your favorite outfit as a child, and as a youth.

How were children expected to behave?

How did you learn about God?

Who set a good example for you?

What was your favorite scripture as a child?

What is your favorite scripture now?

What was your favorite television show as a child or youth?

Describe getting a Christmas tree with your family as a child.

How did you decorate it?

When did you put it up, and when did you take it down?

What is your favorite season of the year?

Describe the sights, sounds and smells of that season.

In your opinion, what has been the most significant world event that has taken place during your lifetime and why?

Write about some places you went with your mother.

Tell about your civic or political activities.

What frightens you and why?

What is your advice to those younger than you?
What is your child-rearing philosophy?

What is your greatest joy? Greatest sorrow?

What is your personal secret to happiness?

What is your secret for good health and long life?

What lessons did you take as a child?

What personality trait do you admire and why?


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