Journal Reflections

Journal Reflections

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While I was observing this class there were something that got my attention. The teacher's character surrounds and build an interesting environment. What I liked was that the teacher is not as a usual professor, he knows how to get the attention of his students and control the class. I know that there are some students that does not pay attention but he manage their behavior. Today the teacher read a story, knowing that the theme would be interesting for his students, made a point of view that will make a special debate among the class. It was just a debate that helped the students to talk out loud and express their opinion and focus on a specific subject. This showed me that the class environment could be a mix of everything, it could involves education themes, debates which get the student’s attention and also it would help the teacher to analyze each student point of view and their character. The time went by so quickly that the students did not even noticed when the bell rang. I think that when this happens in a class, students feel more comfortable and also special because they know that their opinion counts.

Journal Reflection # 2

Today the class started with some assignments. The students had to search for information that were in their book. It was interesting how these students were working. This assignment could be done in groups. I liked how they were helping each others trying to get the answers and debating which were the best or correct answer. For some students, it was better to do all the work by themselves and this is valid too. In the future, this will be a key for them. Why? Because this may help them to decide if they are used to work with people, a group or by themselves. It not may seems helpful as it is, but it could make a difference in their profession. In my opinion, this says a lot, it tells you what kind of carrier or pathway you want to work and how you want it to be manage. You may not be comfortable working with others or...

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