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Just to Join

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Dustin Patara

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chrome

Speedtests between Firefox and Chrome


Dowload = 4873 kb / s

Upload = 491 kb / s


Download = 4961 kb /s

Upload = 488 kb / s

Note : Chrome loaded pages slightly quicker than firefox, and flash ran more smoothly on Chrome on my much older pc

Firefox also in multiple speed tests showed slightly faster upload speeds, but Chrome went over 5000 kb/s, which firefox never did at all during any tests

Advantages of Chrome

- nice simple GUI

- Faster than firefox (speed and start up time)

- Releases memory that was previously being used quicker than firefox

- Multiple tabs make new processes, which if using a decent computer, allow you to close a crashed tab without shutting down the whole browser, which makes it much more stable.

- easier to read address bar (highlights the main page address)

- more secure than firefox


- Non customizable GUI

- hogs more memory than firefox

-not great at offline page caching compared to Firefox

- not many add ons and toolbars

- still in early beta form, where as firefox has been out for a while

- Firefox has more community that uploads add ons and has better tech support

Dustin Patara

Essay Outline

"Fast Food Nation" and "War of the Worlds"

Answer Question 3 "How does the society the character lives in mold and shape his or her actions?"

Question 8 "How does the writer reflect the society in which this book was concieved?"


Whether it be the rise of the Fast Food industry affecting a country's economy or an alien invasion wrecking havoc on britian, these two scenarios affect society in many unimaginable ways.

Background: Tlak about how people change in America due to fast food, including jobs and economy, how the alien invasion made britian into a country with no rules, and how both of the writers portrayed their own societies.


1 Protestants...

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