Juvenile Delinquency Data Analysis

Juvenile Delinquency Data Analysis

Interpretation of Data

The residents of Portmore Garden community all agreed that the main cause of juvenile delinquency is the lack of parental guidance.
The need for parents to attend to their child more often was the preferred choice for both parents and members, as (40%) of say it is the best solution. This was further supported by the fact that if parents took their children for counselling the issue could be solved, this was claimed by (30%) of residents
This also led to another point that parents alone can’ solve the issue but the members can help out by doing community based activity to steer these kids to positiveness this was claimed by (75%) of the residents.
Due to that the age group 14-15 are the vulnerable, residents say that if they are not dealt with these kids will later on grow up to become criminals this was states by (40%) of the community members .because these children are facing the issue of juvenile delinquency and it not being dealt with they will not be focused in school hence they will not learn as their suppose to this will later on causes unemployment, this was agreed by (15%) of the residents. In so will only result in lowering the community standards claimed by (50%) of residents.
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In order to collect data from the survey, I decided to use questionnaires.

The questionnaire as a tool for collecting data has a number of advantages:

: It requires little time to be

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